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The New Clean (Hosted by April Wozny with Casie Stewart and Yamikani Msosa)


April Wozny is an energetic Torontonian and advocate for mental health and addiction.

Embedded in Toronto’s arts & culture and LGBTQ+ communities for over 15 years, April is the hostess of Toronto's monthly queer party, Business Woman's Special (BWS). Running almost 10 years strong, BWS is proud to be an inclusive party where all are welcome to be part of the West Queer West movement. By trade, she’s an event producer bringing,  events to life with colour and energy by creating inventive, stylized environments for industry leaders.

Facing her own battles with alcoholism and addiction, April is passionate about creating dialogue and community around sobriety that is inclusive, accessible, and relatable. Building sober confidence and energy is something she works on daily. Through the power of sharing experiences and stories, she hopes to empower her community to be confident in their sobriety or explore a sober curious lifestyle. Since embarking on her own clean and sober journey, April’s life has become abundant in more ways than she could have imagined.

Her sober date is August 12, 2015.